Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ten Things I've Learned In The Last Ten Years

In 2003, I spent four months studying abroad in London.

Since I had spent my first two years at a local community college, this was my first time away from home.

I learned a lot: how to travel internationally on my own, navigate the underground system, grocery shop in a city--without a car, do laundry...(yes, my mom did my laundry until I was 20)

About a week ago I got a message from a few of the people from that trip, asking if we'd like to have a reunion. A TEN YEAR reunion.

It's been ten years since I lived in London--my first real grown-up experience--which means it has been a decade since I took my first steps toward adulthood. Wowza.

Since that day, the reality of the length of time has sunk in. And now, I keep thinking about how much has changed since I hugged my parents goodbye in the airport--in my red sweatpants and New Balance running shoes (my how much has changed)--and took off on this incredible life-changing adventure.

I can't stop thinking about how different 30-year-old Allison is from 20-year-old Allison.

And so, I thought I would start a series...
The Ten Things I've Learned in the Last Ten Years

So, stay tuned, I suppose...
I promise you'll be rewarded with a ridiculous photo from that time in my life.
(I have 3000 photos--mounted over two scrapbooks--to choose from)

Also: be thinking! I'd love to know what big life lessons you learned in your twenties.

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Julie Hibbard said...

Oh how I remember the day at the airport and the several teary phone calls in those following days. I realized it had been 10 years when I had to renew my Passport this year! My OH my how so much has changed. I'm so happy that you were able to have that experience!
Though I know that you're now a master, I am sure "doing laundry" will not make your top ten things you learned (I always just thought it was easier to do all the laundry at once rather than have you guys do your own separately--plus I love doing laundry--such a sense of fulfillment and productivity.)
I am really looking forward to this upcoming series about what you've learned! Perhaps I will follow suit and do a similar posting. I certainly have learned a lot myself in these last 10 years.