Tuesday, August 27, 2013

35 by 35: A List in the Making

I completed nearly all of the items on my 30 by 30 List (this is the most recent update; I suppose I need to write a final recap.) and so, I've begun my 35 by 35 List.

I currently have 29 items (if only I were turning 30, my list would be almost done!)

Here is my list, thus far:

35 by 35

1. Record the life stories of all four grandparents
2. Travel to 15 never-before-visited states
3. Visit the Rose Bowl Flea Market
4. Raise $1000 for charity: water
5. Write 365 notes in 365 days
7. Do the splits both ways
8. Read 40 books
9. See 25 bands play live
10. Participate in the freeing of a child slave
11. Learn to drive a stick-shift
12. Create "memorable childhood moments" for kids in my life
13. Travel to 2 never-before-visited countries
16. Complete 60 DIY projects
17. Be in a photo shoot
19. Write a song
20. Read the Complete Works of Shakespeare
21. Address a set of envelopes in beautiful calligraphy
22. Camp 
23. Hike to the Hollywood sign
24. Watch every Hitchcock movie 
25. Complete a Color Run
26.  Speak conversational Swahili
27. Host an outdoor movie night
28. Spend 52 days unplugged (one day a week for a year)
31. Take OT and NT classes
32. Watch 3 new TV series
33. Record a Christmas album
34. Buy a domain for my blog

35. Have coffee with Bob Goff


I'd love to hear what you would add...


The Brook's said...

Become dear friends with Kristin Brook....seriously!!

Julie Hibbard said...

I would LOVE to do #3 with you!

Ryanne said...

You can do The Color Run easy peasy. We did it this year, and over half the people were walking. It is definitely a 5K for experience and not necessarily for people who love to run. Do it!