Monday, November 26, 2012

Thirty, Nerdy and Driving Day 2

Day two of our adventure was not nearly as eventful as the first.
We drove from Vegas to Salt Lake City, stopping only for gas and dinner. {Though, the gas station near the Nevada/Utah border has quite a few stories to tell.}

I had thought that this long drive would be the start of some bickering or even starting to think, "okay, I could use a break from these two..." but we made it just fine.

We drove through Utah for hours talking about how beautiful it was. We listened to BossyPants and generally enjoyed the ride, until we began to look for a coffee shop and couldn't find one! Several Mormon anti-caffeine jokes later, we had gigantic sodas at CafeRio {which is where Nat The Fat Rat ate when she was in Utah the next day!} to make up for the lack of Starbucks in the state.

We checked in to our hotel and promptly ordered a movie and a signature Utah beer. {brilliant}

We had every intention of seeing the Mormon Temple while we were in Utah, but it didn't work out with our travel schedule. Next time, I suppose.

Next stop: Yellowstone.

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