Monday, November 19, 2012

Project 365*

I'm ramping-up my game on the New Year's Resolution front this year. For the last five years, my resolution has been the same: to be smarter. And, each year, I think I've accomplished this. {Special thanks to Google, IMDb and my Dictionary app.}

This year, I'm planning something new...and I'm bringing it up early because I'm hoping:
... with great accountability will come great success
... that you might join me in this endeavor

A bit about Project 365.
{A working title. If you have suggestions, let's hear 'em!}

The idea would be that we would each choose one {or two. or three.} things we'd like to do each day for one year and then do just that: each of those things, each day, for one year.

My list so far {as I mentioned, I'm still working on it}
. write a thank you note
.. exercise
... blog

Now, the thought is not 'once you miss a day, you fail and you're out', but rather: if we attempt to, say, write 365 thank you cards, but only actually write and send 320--that's still a heck of a lot of gratitude.

Not shame for those days missed, but celebration for those remembered.

So...what do you think? Are you in? What on your Project 365 list?
Spread the word and keep me posted on who'll be joining me!

2013 is going to be pretty kick-a. I can feel it.

*I may have {unintentionally} stolen this title from someone. If so, my apologies...and also, could you remind me where I picked it up?

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Julie Hibbard said...

I will join in. 365 days of exercise and writing a note of some kind to someone. I like that!