Monday, January 30, 2012

You Are A Human Animal

Last week, a friend of mine came over
cooked dinner for the three of us
{my roommate included}

Painted my nails a bright, sparkly gold

And then we watched
Midnight in Paris

I had seen it in the theaters
alone on my day off...
{I love to see movies alone, do you?}

When it came to the party scene,
I mentioned,
"I would love to get married in a place decorated this way:
filled with ridiculous photos and displays of animals."
{photo via Okinawa Assault}

A few months ago, I bookmarked this wedding

I look at these wedding pictures
probably every six weeks
because I just love the feel of
The Natural History Museum.

I know this is not everyone's "cup of tea"
for a wedding venue.

I'm positive more than a few of my relatives would have
something to say about my choice of location.

But my preferred decorative style
could be described as cabin-y,
so this seems like it might fit just perfectly.

{Title from this post comes from a Mickey Mouse Club sing-along.}


Julie Hibbard said...

I love the title and began to sing it immediately! " are a very special breed!"
I think the museum is a fabulous place for a wedding!
And I think Logan would love to get a picture of you, your husband and a bear to give to your grand kids someday!

pete said...

Your wedding at a museum would be excellent and the subsequent birth of our first great-grandchild 'years' later would be a nice touch...

Sara B said...

haha hey that's me! and I can't believe you found all those wildlife wedding pics! i'll look into how much it would cost to have tame foxes brought in for your wedding to roam around and entertain guests.