Tuesday, January 17, 2012

There Are Only Two Things I Love In This World: Everybody and Television*

You can imagine my surprise
when we moved in to a new house
and I found out that my new roommate (Dre)

has never seen The O.C.

and what's worse...
she's spent years mocking it
and wasn't sure she wanted to watch it

And then.
We watched the first episode.

How can you resist
Ryan, Marissa, Seth and Summer

Seth Cohen
is reason enough to watch

One week later,
we're almost finished with season one.
Three seasons to go.

And then on to Veronica Mars.

So much good TV in our future.

*do you know who said this?


Julie Hibbard said...

Oh Kenneth! You have opened up a whole new world for this woman! She will forever be thanking you.

Cathi said...

I need an invite for Veronica Mars...Still haven't made it to that :)