Monday, August 01, 2011

Love Is In The Heir

I'm finding--more and more--as I grow up, that I love to spend time with my family...specifically my grandparents.

I know this is something that I should have loved as a teenager, and I don't think that I disliked it at any point, I am simply noticing that I really love it these days.

In the last few months, I have spent entire days--or large chunks of the day--with my grandparents. Most of the time, alone with my grandparents. Those are the days I love the most: when there are no other family members to invade conversation or with whom I am making conversation for long enough that my grandpa (Papa) turns back to the TV.

I love sitting with, talking to, reading alongside of my grandparents...both sets!

Here are some pictures from family days in the last few months:

My Papa and I spent an entire day reading our Kindles side-by-side.
First at Starbucks, then at his house (with some sandwiches!)
Later that afternoon, I read while Elijah played his DS on my lap
My cousin Logan and his birthday squirrel
Sitting around, taking family photos...
who wouldn't want to be in this family?
Sitting next to Elijah at family dinner. He says,
"There's no grass in Africa, I saw it on TV.
There's no grass, but there is Triceratops"
Last Saturday, the other side of my family (well, a few pieces) met for lunch in LA. My Grandpa and Grandma insisted that we have Famous French Dip Sandwiches.
Grandpa Don and my brother, Zac
Grandma Marlene and cousin, Laura (who was scolded for ordering a salad instead of a sandwich)

After lunch, we went to The Grove to walk around the Farmer's Market. This is the point in the day that I thought, in the past, I would be in a hurry to get home...but I really like being with my grandparents...I'm in no hurry.
Which leads us to yesterday. After church, I headed to Bum and Papa's (my maternal grandparents) to hang out for the afternoon. I stopped on the way and picked up bagels and we sat at the counter together, eating and chatting. Just the three of one else to interrupt our time together!

Side note: I am aware of how selfish I sound as I'm writing about alone time...but my mother is the first of five girls (four of whom have two children each) and my dad is the eldest of seven (all of whom have children), so it's never (never) just one-on-one time in my family.

Later in the afternoon, Elijah joined us
we watched "How to Train Your Dragon" (well, Papa and I watched it...Elijah watched in-between karate sessions and running to the kitchen for snacks)
A little bit of snuggling
after Papa said, "Don't you dare snuggle me!"
When the movie was over, Elijah asked Papa to "go fishing in the closet"
Papa said, "Race ya!"
Heading to dinner with my mom.
Elijah drew some pictures to pass the time:
Papa as a little boy (who had glasses because "Papa can't see without them"), Papa's pet snake: Slippy, and Papa's pet Robot, Robby.

I am so thankful for the hours that I have spent with my family recently...and eagerly anticipating the times to come.


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