Monday, January 31, 2011

Always Sunny, In The Rich Man's World

This is Dave Ramsey.He developed a program called
Three weeks ago, a group of seven of us began this course. We meet on Sunday nights to watch the DVD and talk through the "homework" which will guide us, ultimately, toward becoming debt-free and on-budget households.

Though I know how beneficial this will be for my life in the end, so far, the homework has caused a lot of grief. Making a budget based on my last few months bank statements, writing a "Cash Flow" plan...solving math equations: if I want to have my hair done six times in a year, how much money do I need to set-aside each month?

The emotions that this subject has already brought up in me have been interesting: frustration, embarrassment, anger, apathy...

To look at my budget and think "what does 'how I spend my money' say about who I am?"
And how do I feel about that?
Or how would I like to change that?

Week 3 of 16...I have a feeling Dave Ramsey is going to cause quite a bit more upset in my life...
Can't wait to see how it all looks (and feels) in the end.


Lisa Marie said...

Very cool. I'm proud of you for doing this and I want to hear more about it when I see you...I definitely need to be asking myself these questions, too!

Cris said...

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I Love Ski Jumping said...

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MBailey03 said...

It's definately worth it! I am now debt free and only have to work part time because I have a budget...hooray!!