Wednesday, August 25, 2010


What a cute Save the Date video.

Save the date! 31 july 2010 from Kishi-Grover on Vimeo.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Tatturday Night

On Saturday night, a large group of us went to watch Delia get her second tattoo. It is a quote she heard at Gilgal, a secondary school in Kitale. I love Kitale...and I love White Lotus...and I love Delia. So I was excited for the evening.

She was a little nervous beforehand...mostly about the pain that would be involved, but her artist, Osh, was a big help when it came to calming her nerves.

Torie and I stood with Delia for most of the time, while everyone else took turns coming back to check-in, video or distract her with a story.

PreppingExcited right before it starts
Less excited once it's going
At one point she said, "It only hurts when he touches the needle to my arm!"
"Is he almost done?"
Osh sanitized the finished piece with some alcohol.
Delia's response: "What are you doing to me, Osh? Alcohol on a fresh wound!?"
Happy it's over

Her gigantic support crew, including two friends-of-friends.

It was a little sad to sit in White Lotus for so long and not leave with a new tattoo...
Maybe it's time for another Tattuesday?!


I would be so happy if my desk looked like this. I'm sure it would drive others crazy, but I am crazy for post-its...aaannnddd to-do lists.

It's really the perfect combination.

*Photos (and stories) of summer camp to come.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Everyone Loves Williams, Arizona

I spent last week at Lost Canyon (a camp in Williams, Arizona) with 150 high school students from Mariners Church. The facility is run by Young Life and is, easily, the most beautiful camp I've ever been to.

The band unloaded and went to wait for students to come to the Clubroom. Luckily, there were rocking chairs on the patio.

Trevor, Steven and Nick
My friend, Josh Pease, was our camp speaker. I told him this, but you should know, too: he did a great job. It was fun to sit in the back of the room and watch as he shared stories, both serious and funny, as he helped to spark questions in their brains that would force students to wrestle with what God was trying to say or do in their hearts.

Josh speaking in the Clubroom

About a week before camp, we had a few leaders drop out (sicknesses, vacation-time, etc). Luckily, Torie and Delia came to the rescue. They called up two friends from Biola (Jon and Sam) to join us at camp. We had an amazing group of leaders at camp this week...but these four stuck out most to me!

Jon (white shirt, scowl) at the breakfast table with his huge cabin
The camp layout is really well-designed. They have a giant field in the center of camp, boys dorms on one side, girls on the other, dining hall, lake and pool on one end and the clubroom on the other. It would only take a few minutes for a student to find the rest of the kids from his cabin during free time...and I could walk a lap around camp and interact with tons of students.
The camp band (l to r): Steven, Chris, Nick and Trevor. We played quite a few covers throughout the week (including Muse and Justin Bieber) not to mention songs for club, country night and the coffee shop concert. All-in-all, we learned about 30 songs. They worked the pool and zip-line during the day and then played at night...little sleep, but lots of fun.
On Sunday afternoon, Delia, Torie and I rode the giant swing.
Lots of screaming and laughing...
Sunday night was Country Night. After dinner, we headed to the Clubhouse to sing a few folk tunes together...and then came the line-up: boys at one door, girls at the other. They would be released one at a time to meet their "partner" for the line dance. The anticipation (and anxiety) was very fun to watch. I know that I would have felt the same if I were a student.

Two freshman boys hoping for senior girls
Delia and Torie
Sam, Delia, Torie and Jon
BP, Jon, Sam and Pease
(four new very best friends)
Tuesday night was fancy night: everyone was decked-out in fancy dresses or sport coats for dinner. Most of the upper-classmen cabins went as "dates" so I had dinner with a bunch of abandoned leaders and three date-less students.

Fancy Night

The theme of camp was Boy Bands. BP, Tim, Taylor, Mike and Jared made-up The Lost Boys who were on their reunion tour at Lost Canyon. Pre-camp I got to help plan costumes and even choreograph a music video...I felt like I was a sophomore in high school again.

The Lost Boys signing autographs

I could have stayed at camp for another week. We came home on Wednesday night and our whole team came back to the office on Friday saying, "Okay, we've slept and showered, let's go back!"

Can't wait for Lost Canyon 2011.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Subjecting Yourself To A Subjective Subject

Productive is a very subjective word.

The word changes meaning with the day, as far as I am concerned.

On a work day, my productivity-meter is well much so that I have (many times) been chastised for berating others on their lack of productivity. (As a result, I have calmed down quite a bit in the last few years.)

However, on Mondays (my day off), my definition of productivity is completely different. On any given Monday, I base the success of the day on: how many magazines I can read in an hour, or how many episodes of TV on DVD I can watch without getting up to go to the bathroom, or how long I can lay in bed before taking a shower. If I'm really crazy, productive becomes putting away a load of laundry, painting my nails, and plucking my eyebrows. (But most Mondays I intend to do these things and never get around to them.)

And so, as I sit here tonight, I think back on the many magazines read today, the full disc of The O.C. completed and the fact that I was only out of my pajamas for 5 hours all day...and I know that today was a very productive day.