Monday, August 16, 2010

Tatturday Night

On Saturday night, a large group of us went to watch Delia get her second tattoo. It is a quote she heard at Gilgal, a secondary school in Kitale. I love Kitale...and I love White Lotus...and I love Delia. So I was excited for the evening.

She was a little nervous beforehand...mostly about the pain that would be involved, but her artist, Osh, was a big help when it came to calming her nerves.

Torie and I stood with Delia for most of the time, while everyone else took turns coming back to check-in, video or distract her with a story.

PreppingExcited right before it starts
Less excited once it's going
At one point she said, "It only hurts when he touches the needle to my arm!"
"Is he almost done?"
Osh sanitized the finished piece with some alcohol.
Delia's response: "What are you doing to me, Osh? Alcohol on a fresh wound!?"
Happy it's over

Her gigantic support crew, including two friends-of-friends.

It was a little sad to sit in White Lotus for so long and not leave with a new tattoo...
Maybe it's time for another Tattuesday?!

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PETE Di LALLO said...

The photos are almost too painful to look at...I don't know why you people do this...OK, you wanna look cool and do...