Saturday, July 24, 2010

In The Year 2000...In the Year 2010

Tonight is my 10-year High School reunion.

And I'm at home, sitting on my bed, having eaten a turkey sandwich while watching Dawson's Creek.

This morning, I awoke feeling slightly below average--slightly above disgusting, is more like it.

I went to the doctor's office, all the while fairly convinced I had malaria...

::: which made me think :::

If you had told me ten years ago that I would not attend my 10-year reunion because I would have malaria, I never would have believed you.

My thoughts went on from here...

Had you told me that this contraction of malaria had come from a trip to Kenya...not my first trip to Kenya...but a trip that I had desperately wanted to extend...I would never have believed you.

That this trip was actually my heart's deep desire because of the longing I had felt from not living there after experiencing that place every day for seven months, I never would have believed you.

And then, Kenya aside...

If you had told me, on my High School graduation day, that I would be 27 and unmarried, living in Corona del Mar, and set on a life without children...I never would have believed you.

You see, 18-year old me was certain that I would be married by 21 and a mother by 23...I remember saying both of these (now obviously ridiculous) statements:

"I don't want to wait until I'm 26 to be a mother...that's so old!"
"I will never go on a missions trip"

Little did I know that God's plans for my life would be remarkably different and infinitely better than my little American dream for myself.

And so, here I sit, on my bed. Not at my reunion. Unmarried. Childless. Potentially malarial (the test results will take a week). Devastatingly homesick for Kitale.

And completely happy to be exactly where God wants me to be.
There is no place better than that.


Julie Hibbard said...

I am speechless.
If you would have told me at my high school graduation that 30 years later I would be alone and, for the most part, childless, I would not have believed you.
And, if you would have told me just a few months later, when I found out I was pregnant, that the child I was carrying was to be an incredibly amazing, life-changing missionary in Kenya...
Well, I would have been the happiest woman on earth.
And now, I am alone, and the mother of YOU, that amazing, incredible, life-changing woman!
It's where I am supposed to be too...and I don't think I could be any happier.
I guess mine was the first life you changed. Thank you.
God knew exactly what He was doing and exactly where we would both be!
You're right. No better place than that.

ms.composure said...

hello. i randomly came across your blog and your last post i can relate to! i had a scare a few months ago about sickel cell anemia...and i was in the same place...laying at home...childless...single...and potentially really sick... needless to say i do not have it and i wish the best for you! just wanted to say hi


neely said...

so good A! I love your heart and passion for Kenya...and for people. hope you dont't have malaria!

Kelly said...

All I can say is that you and your mother are two very incredible people. You both have such a positive outlook on life. I also believe that God has a specific plan for all of us so we might as well sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

raglandfamily said...

When I graduated from HS 16 years ago, my goal in life was to spend it barefoot and pregnant.Going on 5 kids later...I'm surprised that what I wanted THEN is still what I want NOW-even though I (like to think) that I'm a completely different person. Although, if you had told me then that I wouldn't weight 115 lbs. after all those years of being barefoot and pregnant- I would have never believed you! Thought I'd have that body forever!
Anyway- love reading your blog, you and your Mom are both amazing inspirational glad that I'm connected to you through my BFF Sarah-no matter how tenuously!
PS- Did you have malaria? Yikes! I hope not!