Sunday, July 25, 2010

Good Day Sunshine

I was just driving home and thinking, "Today was an incredible unfair amounts of incredible."

It began with Taffy and 40 High School students from Saddleback leading worship at Mariners.

Here's the choirThe band (and Taff)
Ervin (the photographer)
Leading worship with Taffy is undeniably one of my favorite things in the whole world. I love Taff. I love his heart. I love the freedom with which he leads people (of all ages) in worship.

So I laughed...and danced...and sang. It was really, really fun.
After church, I came home and had a sandwich. (I'm in love with turkey sandwiches right now...seriously, they are delicious as lunch or dinner).

And then I drove to the Orange County Fairgrounds. I had volunteered to fill one of the shifts at the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force Station...let me tell you, it was not on the top of my list of ways to spend my afternoon as I sat in traffic at 3pm.

But once I was inside (and my booth partner was an hour late), I was happy to be there. An hour alone meant I could just watch and think--no conversational pressures. A few people came to the booth to ask questions...including one woman who shared that she had been a prostitute for 10 years and was now volunteering at Juvenile Hall and even with current prostitutes. What a life story!

Three hours later, and our shift was over...time for the best parts of the Fair.

A plate of Australian Potato Cakes and a chocolate covered banana (both of which I dropped half-way through...dang it!)
And now I'm laying in bed (watching Dawson's Creek...surprise, surprise). Every few minutes I'm receiving text messages from High School girls about meeting up this week for coffee or ice cream...

I know it doesn't seem like anything special, but this was a day filled with moments of God's obvious movement and presence and provision. A day that could have been planned specifically for me...that's how much I loved it.


Julie Hibbard said...

I'm thinking that you must be feeling better too. Nothing like a little time at the fair--and a few Australian Potatoes and a frozen banana--to cure anything that ails you!
Of course, Taffy makes everything feel better too!

BUM said...

What a way to enjoy the day. Taking what comes along and loving it!!

PETE Di LALLO said...

It's nice having you back in the OC...
did you know I adore turkey sandwiches? (with avocado!) and they are available as specials at our local sandwich eatery...Bum and I eat them regularly on our front porch...she fixes them with lettuce, tomatoes and peppers, sprinkled with olive oil, a little cheese and I don't know what else...I missed lunch today and you can tell I am starving to death...I am ready any time you're in our neighborhood...