Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tonight's Not Your Night, Bro

I'm having a rough go tonight.

I think I'm mentally exhausted. I need to spend some time tomorrow thinking...and writing down some of the things that have or are solutions and even some of the things that just need to be written down and then will be out of my head.

In moments like this, it is monumentally more frustrating to come home to a dirty house...with an empty toilet paper roll and overflowing trash cans. Some days, I can roll with it. Tonight, it almost brought me to tears.

And now, I'm in bed...preparing to watch 30 Rock and stop thinking for a bit.

I have some very fun things to post tomorrow...sorry, I'm just not there tonight.


Julie Hibbard said...

It's amazing, really, what peacefulness a clean house, full fridge and ample toilet paper can provide.
Thinking of you today.

blythe said...

i know how you feel. hang in there :]a