Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mo' Money, Mo' Problems

Today is a day when I feel the weight of the brokenness of the students of Orange County.

I often forget this.

I go about my days--sometimes even go about my job--functioning as if the children who are raised in suburban America are wealthy and happy, ridiculously narcissistic and frustratingly entitled.

But today, as I sift through the stories of the lives of some of our core students, I am confronted with the reality that these are students fighting to be cared for, to be heard, to be loved...fighting for themselves because, too often, they are lacking an adult in their life who will fight for them, will care for them, will help build the self-esteem that allows them to live without masks. (Sadly, so many of these parents have lived behind masks as well and have, unintentionally, passed this life-style on to their children.)

I need to experience days like this so I remember that not everyone should pick-up and move to Africa...


Julie Hibbard said...

Wow. Wow.
Love you.

Lisa Marie said...

Mmm...yes. I know this feeling, too. I am so thankful for your heart.