Monday, June 08, 2009

Get Ready To Be Offended

Ladies and Gentlemen,
May I have your attention, please...

I won an award today.
I was given the honor of a spot in Blythe's list of blogs that she enjoys.
I'm actually quite flattered.
I feel my blog is on a decline these days.

The rule is, as a recipient, I am to name and list 15 blogs that I love. However, I chose to honor ten. I subscribe to over 100 blogs {180 to be exact...Yikes! I really didn't know it was that many!} And, to add on to from ten makes it difficult to stay below 40.

It's like having a party and you can either have a small crowd or a million because "once you invite Erica, then you have to invite Marie..."

I made my list based solely on the blogs that make me think "oh, a new post!"

Rockstar Diaries
I don't know her, but I am very envious of her creativity, her photography, and her ability to successfully wear red lipstick on a day-to-day basis.

Pastor Steve's Relief Journey
I simultaneously love and hate when he posts. I am so excited to hear stories of how God is changing lives, but I know that the pictures he posts, and some of the stories are going to break my heart and rattle me a bit.

Gecko Luke
He doesn't post much, but when he does, it typically makes me chuckle.

Cupcakes and Cashmere
Also a stranger, but she's so pretty...and she loves dressing up and being pretty...I'm super jealous of that...and she loves cheeseburgers, but still has nice legs...I'm jealous of that, too.

Blythe Hill
I know, I shouldn't re-gift the award, but I do love reading her's not a lie.

The Brierleys
My friends, Pete and Becca, are spending one year traveling around the world, learning to be more like Jesus. I love to read about their successes, their struggles, their's challenging and refreshing...and a bit convicting.

Mary Rosenbaum Photography
Mary, and her husband Adam, photograph weddings, engagements {and babies, families, etc} in California and Tennessee...I love to look at the beautiful moments they have captured.

Daily Dose of Imagery
I don't know who this photographer is, but I'll tell you, everyday the picture is captivating. The colors, the framing, the location...I have never had a desire to go to Toronto, but the list of "Toronto sites to see" is growing as I view this blog.

Post Secret
It's only new on Sunday...but, I always save it until last so I can take my time reading each new secret.
And, of course, my very favorite: The Sartorialist
I love, love when he has a new post {or two}...I always hope it's someone whose style I can envy or mimic.

I hope you choose to subscribe to a few of these...they're worth your time.


Julie Hibbard said...

I just deleted about 15 people who have seemed to stop blogging. I will add all of these immediately! Your blog is not on a decline. It always makes me think, you are so pretty and you dress pretty and are often, quite convicting!
I am envious of your creativity. And glad that you don't wear red lipstick.

Luke St.Hilaire said...

yea! top 10! booooyah

naomi megan. said...

thanks so much for including me! i think you should wear red lipstick day to day too! it seriously makes you feel better when you don't!

have a wonderful week!