Thursday, May 07, 2009

Thursday In Numbers

1 1/4 hours I awoke earlier than usual
4 coffees purchased for the band when rehearsal was postponed
90 minute staff prayer meeting (I heart Buddy Owens)
150 In-n-Out items (paper hats, stickers, etc) given by an employee
46 packages of plastic palm trees purchased
18 packs of Disney stickers
1 old woman shouting "booyah" in Michael's
6 Staples called for stock checks
8 texts to Jason Pogue
3 Staples visited personally
1 Staples visited by my mother (upon my request--thanks Mama!)
2500 Conference promo cards picked up
1 canceled lunch with Amanda Maguire
1500 Conference promo cards delivered
2 corndogs purchased
1 corndog consumed
10 songs on a mix CD
141 copies of that mix CD
8 DVDs to be duplicated
249 total post-duplication DVDs
34 cardboard boxes constructed
3 photos of Joel Dievendorf to choose from
142 copies made
1 British Phil
200 postcards chosen and purchased by Phil
2 more coffees for us (1 each)
1 Target run
5 of each of these purchased: parachute men, robots, paddleballs, slinkies
10 miles of gas left when I stopped to fill-up
1 bag of stolen Refinery baptismal sand
1 hole in that bag
10,000 grains of sand in my dress pockets and on the floor of my car
8 times my iPod tried to play "Kiss Me"
1 sanity-saving text from Jana
2 Taco Bell burritos purchased and consumed
390 disks stomped and packaged
37 posts read on Google Reader
1/2 an episode of Gilmore Girls watched
17 hours I've been in motion
2 people will probably read this in its entirety


Josh(ua) Treece said...

Count me as one of the two...

Julie Hibbard said...

..and I'm the other one!!
What a day. Glad to have been a very small part of it!

Two First Names said...

I did...

Priscilla said...

Make that 4 people!

Phil Chenery said...

I'm so happy I made this list by name!! I almost read the entire list but my concentration waned after I found my name.

Ange said...

I read it.

And only 1/2 an episode?