Monday, April 13, 2009

What An Athletic Monday.

This morning, after moving my craft table (which should be the topic of a future post), I met Josh and Phil for an afternoon hike.

To be quite honest: I had no idea what this hike would entail...and the thought of the unknowns (what to wear, what to bring, where do we go, how far will we walk, what will we talk about) just made me want to try to convince them to do something else with the day (beach, pool, sandwiches)...but we went, and it was awesome.

We walked up a few trails including "Mustard" and "Billy Goat" (which took us all the way up to a beautiful panoramic view of the park--Phil took some pictures and I will try to get them for posting.)

On our way back down the trail, we encountered a baby rattlesnake. Josh wanted to throw a stick at it, but instead took to arguing with me about why it would be okay to do so...Phil froze and then whined as he took the three steps necessary to pass the snake.

After the hike, we had some salads at Claim Jumper which seemed like a reasonably healthy end to the hiking day...

I think I'd like to hike again sometime.

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Leigh Sarti said...

for future reference baby rattlesnakes are way more dangerous that grown-ups becuase they don't know how to control their venom and their bite is more deadly. Hope this freaks you out.