Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Seventeen years ago today..."

When I came in tonight, the newscaster caught my attention.

I thought, "17 years ago? I wonder what it was..."

He said, (something along the lines of) "The LA Riots, started by the verdict from the Rodney King beatings, began 17 years ago tonight...1992."



I had to do the math about 5 times...surely 1992 couldn't have been 17 years ago.

Nope. It's true. So, I was ten years old, seventeen years ago.

Crap. I was not ready for that truth.

Then, it hit me...I'd spent the last five minutes saying "seventeen years ago" in a puzzled tone of voice...out myself...while I put on my pajamas and brushed my teeth (I did that 'stop brushing, look at myself in the mirror, say it again' thing like in the movies)...

And that confirmed it...I'm totally an old lady.


Julie Hibbard said...

I remember "feeling old" really only one time.
It was the 25th anniversary of John F. Kennedy's assassination in 1988. I was in college with two kids in preschool.
One of my professors said to the class, "Yes, it was 25 years ago today. Where were you when it happened?"
I was the SOLE person in the room who was even BORN when it happened. The teacher was even surprised. He said, "I guess that's not something I can ask anymore..."
Of course I know where I was. In an infant seat in front of the TV. I was 6 months old.
But that day, I felt really old.

Elle said...

I keep having moments like this... they make me sad. But not at the same time. Cause I don't have to go through puberty again! Whoo!

The OC Josh said...

guess what?
I was BORN in 1992....