Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Night Heavy(s)

When I was a little kid, I would fall asleep each night to one of the many Psalty tapes we have. (Present tense because I know exactly where they are even today).

As time went on, I began to memorize each cassette. I know most of the dialogue (verbatim) and a majority of the songs...and, it's funny when those choose to rise-up in my memory.

Tonight, as I was thinking and praying and crying a bit, I began to (subconsciously) sing to myself...not until I was brushing my teeth did I realize what song was "playing" in my head.

I cast all my cares upon You.
I lay all of my burdens down at Your feet.
And anytime I don't know what to do,
I will cast all my cares upon You.

And I began to cry a little more...just thinking about God's unbelievable provision. That, in the moments of my own vulnerability: when I'm acknowledging the dirt in my life, God can bring a simple--and albeit silly--reminder of His love, His support, His strength, His direction, His omniscience.

God is good, all the time.
And all the time, God is good.


Julie Hibbard said...

I am so glad that those tapes were around...I think we had up to, what? Psalty 12 or 13? I wonder if Ernie and Debbie know that about you. I remember you--and Zac too--choosing what tape you wanted to hear each night...
I am also glad the right song came to mind. Imagine if you had been brushing and thought, "Look at all this luscious food, I am really in the mood for spaghetti, ravioli, mastacoli, artichokes!"
Love you...

Courtney said...

Kids Praise 5....Camping Trip when Matthew and Lisa get lost looking for fire wood. I still love Psalty to this day, his songs get stuck in my head all the time.

TS Harrison said...

The eighth album where Psalty coaches the Psalters little league baseball team. Especially as they face the rivals the Bulldogs.
FYI - The Bulldogs Rap is the greatest song ever on a Psalty album ever. Okay maybe not, but for some reason it's my favorite.
When I was in middle school my younger sisters would listen to an album of Rappin' Rabbit. ( They would listen to it constantly. Those are stuck into my head, but not in the way that Psalty is.
Psalty memories actually are enjoyable and like your post a blessing at times.
Thanks for the memory.

Mike Lovato said...

I used to sing that exact song to myself when I'd get scared being alone in my room as a kid. Same deal - got it from Psalty. Good memories.

trevoravery said...

Looj a all this luscious food, i am really in yhe mood for spaghetti, ravioli masstacoli, artichokes. But this plate is much too small, i need room to eat it all. So ill drink up all the punch and use the bowl to eat my lunch. Make a sandwich to the ceiling watch me do it now with feeling, goop some mustard and some custard on this mondo loaf of bread. Lettuce, turkey, pickles, cheese, scarf the whole thing down with ease. Pat my belly, eat some jelly, dont forget the chips and dip! I like it here so nice and homey, slice myself some more bologna. Ill relax and put my feet up cause im sipping a cup of tea. I like to be pampered, never hampered by an endless trail of rolls. Do i not think that i am selfish, well my friend thats how it goes. Now its time to have dessert, ill moan until i hurt. Apple, peach, and berry pie til im on a sugar high. Lots of ice cream, chocolate sauce, almost time to dental floss, but theres room before i stop to eat the cherry on the top!

trevoravery said...

I remember this song from when i was a kid. Im 34 and still remember every word!! Psalty! Lol