Monday, March 23, 2009

Probably The Last Girl In America To See This Movie

The night that everyone in America went to see Twilight, I was in Kenya...I almost called home around 2:30 (CA Time) to hear reviews...but I didn't.

Tonight, I sat with Ryanne, Katie and Zack, (Jonathan laughed and walked upstairs) and watched the movie on Apple TV (in HD).

It was exactly what I had thought it would be. Edward had a little too much white make-up and lipstick on for his clearly handsome-as-it-is face...Bottom line: I liked it.
Side Note: The reason the book is so good is because of how Edward makes you feel (you, of course, putting yourself in Bella's shoes)...You choose what Edward looks like, how you think he smells, what his voice sounds like...all of these things make up the Edward in your head and you imagine him (or someone) saying these things to you, knowing you like Edward knows no movie can live up to that...(don't get me wrong, I have my own Edward, too...I love him, but believe me, it's not Rob Pattinson--as attractive as he is).

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