Saturday, March 28, 2009

Post PDYM, So Far

Okay...PDYM ended about 34 hours ago...
Since then, I have (not in any particular order):

* Cleaned out my car (including the trunk)
* Watched 4 episodes of Gossip Girl
* Watched 2 episodes of Flight of the Conchords
* Run (and emptied) the dishwasher
* Made 2 trips to Target
* Made 1 trip to Vons
* Done around 12 loads of laundry (all towels, sheets, first-wash-must-be-alone-so-colors-don't-bleed cardigans)
* Cleaned up my room
* Matched DVDs-taken-to-Kenya with their cases
* Made a list of missing TV on DVD and did some hunting for them
* Wiped-down all of the doors/doorknobs/cabinet fronts/cabinet handles in the kitchen, garage and backyard
* Eaten at Chipotle
* Seen "Monsters vs. Aliens"
* Purchased (and set-up) a Bluetooth (with the help of J. Witt)
* Watched Ironman
* Had 258 Kenya photos printed (tomorrow's project will be framing them!)
* Slept about 12 hours
* Cleaned out my 52-pages worth of Myspace messages (I'm awesome, I know...but emails from pre-boyfriend Matt Jensen...worth keeping)
* Sat outside by the pool to read a book
* Thought about how strange it feels to think about non-PDYM things about 50 times
* Remarkably, had only one Starbucks

Here's what we learn from this list:
1) My life was really messy before PDYM (car and bedroom)
2) I am much more productive if I maintain PDYM pace
3) Even when I'm trying to get things done, I can still manage to watch TV
4) I have quite a bit left to do
5) I need to leave my house tomorrow so I have something worth posting about

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