Sunday, March 29, 2009

The First Annual Amuse-Bouche-Off

Inspired by their love for the Food Network's "Top Chef", Katie, Jaime and Ben competed in the First Annual Amuse-Bouche-Off on the evening of Sunday, March 15th.

It was a very official evening. Each of the three contestants were instructed to make four single-serving amuse-bouche (single, bite-sized hors d’œuvre). One for each of the four judges.

The score card:
The table was set with a place for each judge. (I opted to forgo my spot as a judge because of my dislike for steak, and stick to reporting on the event...though, since I am two-weeks late on the report, I should be fired from that job as well.)

Judge 1: Ryanne
Judge 2: Jonathan (who intentionally closed his eyes for this picture)
Judge 3: Ron
Judge 4: Stacey
The contestants busy at work in the kitchen. The judges (even those married to a chef) was not to know the creator behind each amuse-bouche.
Contestant 1: Ben
The judges smelling and tasting dish 1. (The judges ruled this a 2-bite amuse-bouche, and the chef was marked-down for this)
Contestant 2: Jaime (his dish was "The House That Ruth Built"...meaning Ruth Chris)
Contestant 3 (not pictured): Katie (she made one-bite tasty)

Ron, the judge captain, tallying the votes.
Jaime said the event was sponsored by Diet Coke
Evidently the night was to be marked by awkward facial expressions in photos, Ron posed with the Winner's Certificate.
The Contestants explained which dish they had prepared
Listened as Abby read the final scores and announced the winner.
Jaime, a gracious loser, celebrates Katie's victory
Katie, well done...your tostadas-pequeno were very, very delicious.
I hope to be invited to The Second Annual Amuse-Bouche-Off for both the food and the attendees. It was a truly delicious evening.

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