Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Did You Na-Know?

I came home late Monday night to a package from my friends at Group Magazine...from NYMC.

They had heard I lost my iPod, so, as a thank you for the conference, sent me a new one!
Which is two-fold of awesome:

1) I have a new iPod

2) The money I was going to spend on a new iPod can now go toward
purchasing a Disneyland pass...

Mine is purple, but it's just like this one!
What should I play as the very first song on my new iPod?


Julie Hibbard said...

At Last....

Suefalla said...

Disney Land!! you me and the kids??? Can't wait for PDYM to be over ;-)

racheld said...

I christened my car with Neil Diamond (forever in blue jeans) I pod with Willie Nelson (unchained melody)! I love the "classics"!!!!