Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ryanne's Tattoo

Ryanne has decided that when she gets a tattoo, it will be a pictogram about the first Thanksgiving.As you can see, it's Pilgrim, Ear of Corn, Indian Princess, Cooked Turkey.
I told her there should probably be some mention of all of the diseases we brought to the first Thanksgiving, but her mind's made up.


jwitt said...

Are you getting it on your teeth?

Scott and Katelyn said...

you could definitely throw in a picture of small pox on there.

Marcia J Sargent said...

The diseases had already done their work by the time of the first Thanksgiving. The Natives had been decimated for almost a hundred years.

Giovanni Caboto (known as John Cabot), who sailed under the English flag in 1497 and claimed all of what would become New England for his master, King Henry VII.

During the early 1600s, expeditions were sent out under Sir Humphrey Gilbert, Bartholomew Gosnold, Martin Pring, and George Weymouth.

Weymouth brought back a Native American named Squanto, who learned English before returning to his homeland, but it was Sir John Smith who studied the land seriously with an eye to colonization, and who gave it the name New England. All these guys shared their diseases, unknowingly, with the Natives.

Mrs. Sargent--your fifth and sixth grade teacher : )