Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Friend Katie...

Let me tell you a story about my friend, Katie.
When I was moving to Kenya, she told me to save a spot in my suitcase "this big" and she showed me a size using her hands.
The night I was leaving, she handed me a giant stack of letters. Around 97, I think.
I had saved that suitcase space, so I packed them in.

I was supposed to read one a day...but I was pretty homesick in my first few weeks, so I read most of them then. Yesterday, I pulled out the stack and read through each one.

Here are a few reasons I love these cards:
  • Every card from Ron is signed with his first and last name.
  • One card from Abby is filled with photos of her--like a modeling photo shoot
  • Katie loves Kitale as much as I do (maybe more). So a few of the cards were about her being jealous that I'm here and she's not!
  • One card was written from Chipotle telling me to hurry back.
  • There were cards with photos of us, a photo of Justin Timberlake, a Schrute buck, Milo Ventmiglia, Jim Halpert
  • There were Bible verses about listening to God...seeking wisdom...perfect for what's happening here now
  • The last card is a birthday card...a woman surrounded by boxes of high well does Kate know me...seriously?
So, I knew I already loved Katie...then, I sent an email yesterday asking for a big favor...a project that I couldn't do alone, but needed help. The email was sent to five people and this morning there was a response from only Katie: "I'm in. Tell me the plan"

Man, I love her.

And I get to see her (and Ryanne!) in only 6 days!

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rachkevdenham said...

ron is really professional.