Sunday, August 17, 2008

Done and Done.

I just finished Twilight.
I'm still wiping tears from my eyes.
If we weren't leaving for dinner in 30 minutes, I would begin book 2...but I'll wait until tonight.

Seriously. I handed it right to Megan...hopefully she'll love it too.

AND...we're beginning Veronica Mars tomorrow night...I brought the DVDs and the projectors set-up! Can't wait for these girls to be hooked!


Kate E said...

Oh..I know. Just you wait until I bring you books 3 and 4. It is freakin unbelievable. There is a huge fan club here forming including Erin Rutenbar, Natalie Hall, Kayle Rae, and Ryanne Witt. We looove it! And Ryanne and I have been trying to figure out who is vampire that works with us...
love you!

Lisa Marie said...

I am so glad you're reading them! I just finished book 4. I can't wait for the movie. Now, whenever I go places, I think "That person's a vampire. That guy is totally a werewolf..." I'm in Oregon right now and it's definitely vampire country around here...I'm keeping my eyes out!!!

MLEmary said...

YOU JUST WAIT UNTIL YOU FINISH Breaking Dawn... you'll be left with an even bigger imagination... and en even bigger desire to date a vampire OR to be one.