Saturday, April 12, 2008

Wagamama in California

I wish.
Wagamama is my favorite restaurant in the entire world.
I fell in love with Wagamama in London. They are all over Europe and there are two in Boston.
I bought a cookbook on my last visit...I've been too nervous to actually try any of the recipes (there are so many steps and ingredients!)

So, Wendy borrowed the cookbook, and came to my house last night to try out my favorite meal: Chicken Ramen.

It was definitely tasty!
We each had our roles:
Wendy: Parsley (and all of the preparation)
Kevin: Gyoza
Bethany: Ginger
I cut some onions (scallions?)

Then, we ate...while listening to an assortment of '90's hits.
Kevin's face is ridiculous
See...Wendy made everything!

It was a very delicious meal...followed by some Wii and Apples to Apples...
Thanks again, Kevin and Wendy!