Sunday, March 23, 2008

Time, Time, Time...See What's Become of Me

I'm singing at church today...I love singing in church...I love dressing up. I love learning a new song. I love seeing the band members that I hardly ever see. I love the nervous feeling right before going out on stage. I love the relief when it's over. What I don't love is the in-between time: the time between singing at one service and singing at the next.

Right now, that time is almost two hours. It's 94 degrees out and I'm in a cardigan, so sitting outside is not really an option...and we all know how I am with "stranger small-talk" after two hours... So...I was all set to get a Starbucks and go have a pedicure.

Coffee--delicious, though I think it was missing the vanilla...oh well.
Nail Salons (two)--closed. (That's fine, I don't even like those salons, I was just going there out of convenience...I'll go to the good place tomorrow.)

Okay, so I'll go to Target...I wanted to buy Enchanted on DVD anyway...and I need to start putting together a few going-away gifts, so why not wander around...such a great time-killer.
CLOSED. Now I am in my car talking aloud in an angry British accent "Really? Excellent. What do I do now? This is crap. Fine, I'll just go to the office...Way to ruin Easter, Target."

Walk in to the air conditioned office with a list of things I can do for the next hour or so...
LOCKED. I knock a few times, but it's Easter, no one's here but me...DANG IT! Free time sucks on Easter...there is nothing to do!

So, now I'm sitting at the reception desk in the office, waiting for 3:45 when I will sing with my friend Zack and then, hopefully, find a better way to wait for 6:30.

Maybe I should drive home and get my pocket Yahtzee...


Julie Hibbard said...

Where are all those books you want to read? But, I must agree...TARGET? Really? I'm sorry.
Sounds like a good place to work tho! I haven't been off on an EASTER in my whole life!

Kayla! said...

Oh! I have Enchanted!
Movie date for sure.

heath(er) said...

i love pocket yahtzee!

Jess said...

I showed up to a closed Target too...