Monday, March 24, 2008

Daytime TV

It's 2:30pm. I'm sitting on my couch, having just returned from getting my nails done. (The nail salon was playing The Godfather soundtrack...but that's a different story.)

I have the TV on in the background, but I'm not really watching...It's on channel 11 because I was watching I Love Lucy before I went out.

Temptation is on right now...and wow is it awful.

The theme song is "You can't fight the temptation"...with terrible, terrible singers.

The question right now is "Suzanne Somers Products"...which of these products on the screen has Suzanne Somers as a spokeswoman...for each correct guess they win an amount of money ($2, $5, $15). At the end of the show they can spend the money they've won on the assortment of prizes in "Shopper's Paradise" (purses, glasses, a car, an iPhone). You, too, can "win" these prizes: shop

The contestants are ridiculous. They are over-the-top excited. Carmen just smelled the designer handbag and exclaimed "It's real leather! It's real leather!" Barika is "harnessing her energy" to choose the correct wallet for a chance to win $1000. (Her husband told her to choose the brown wallet...thanks, honey...she won.)

Let's be honest though...the worst part is most likely that I'm still watching.


Jess said...

Sometimes it's so bad, you can't help but watch...

Chris said...

umm... please don't talk poorly of the only show that I watch on a regular basis. (that isn't a joke, I have watched every day for the past two weeks.)

PETE Di LALLO said...

Don't you have 12 dozen more books to read?

joshp said...

Soooo ... my famously annoynmous friend from San Clemente was definitely a contestant on that show a few months back. I try not to judge her for this ... the fact that she didn't do that great actually helps.