Thursday, March 13, 2008

My First Kenya Support!

I had dinner last night with the Edwards and the favorites!

I walked in to the house and was talking to Katie when Abby (her 8-year-old daughter) comes in and hands me this:

She has three jars: SAVE IT, SPEND IT, and GIVE IT BACK TO GOD.

Once the third jar was full, Katie and Ron sat with Abby to discuss the options of giving it back to God: tithing at church, giving it to an organization, supporting a missionary...

Abby decided to support a missionary: me!

So, now I am $19.71 closer to my Kenya trip!
Thanks for supporting me, Abbs! I love your guts!

Here's me, Katie and Abby in Kenya (2005)


Julie Hibbard said...

So so so cute!!!
Is she going this time too?

Ryanne said...

Katie had that bag of cash with her, and knowing Katie I giggled and asked what it was for. When she told me I cried. Cute Abby!

neely mcqueen said...

i love it...i hope i can help my kids be generous!

Jess said...

I haven't met Abby, but I want my kid to be like her!