Friday, March 14, 2008


Happy Pi Day!
I love Pi...
To help accomplish my New Year's Resolution (to be smarter), here are a few facts about Pi.

In 1706 William Jones first gave the Greek letter "π" its current mathematical definition.

Here are the first 100 decimal places of pi:

For a circle to equal pi the diameter must be 1.

Pi does not have to be written in decimal (base 10) notation (3.14159265....). Here it is in binary (base 2) notation:

For those of you that thought I had too much nerd in me for writing are a few people who have spent more time loving Pi than I ever could:

A pi limerick:
Three point one four one five nine two
Its been around forever - its not new
It appears everywhere In here and in there
Its irrational I know but its true !

Simon Plouffe was listed in the 1975 Guinness Book of World Records for reciting 4096 digits of Pi from memory

In 1949 it took ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Intergrator and Computer) 70 hours to calculate 2,037 decimal places of Pi.

In 1991, the Chudnovsky brothers in New York, using their computer, m zero, calculated pi to two billion two hundred sixty million three hundred twenty one thousand three hundred sixty three digits (2, 260, 321, 363). They halted the program that summer. Oh, and they're idiots.


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