Monday, March 03, 2008

Jobs That Would Be Cool to Have Although I Could Not Actually Acheive Them

Pastry Chef
Fashion Designer
Magazine Editor
Fashion Photographer
Window Dresser
Large Themed-Event Planner
Back-Up Singer
Film Festival Planner
Shakespeare Professor
Vacation Planner
Vacation Attender many choices...


Julie Hibbard said...

What? First of all, I think you have done at least 95% of these!! Ok, Dr. Shepherd you are not. But the rest? Hello!
Pastry chef--you make the BEST cheesecake this side of the Mississippi. Fashion Designer-you have come up with some AMAZING combinations of clothing and style! You have written for magazines (albeit on the web) You are an incredible photographer.
Large theme events! Paaleese! You have planned camps, AIDS conferences, PDYM events and MORE!
You HAVE been a back up singer (and the STAR of the show too!)
You have written songs (or was that me?) You have planned our vacations and been a PRO at getting us around Los Angeles and New York City and even Budapest!
You have explained Shakespeare to me and many others as we walked the Globe Theatre in London!
Come on sister! Besides brain surgery, I think you have accomplished all of these things and more!
You are incredible. And you know it.
The apple doesn't fall far...

Jess said...

Ever since Grey's I thought about being a surgeon...

not to save lives...

mostly so I could wear a pager and not be made fun of!

Heather McTaggart said...

I want to be a VACATION ATTENDER TOO! That is one that is possible...well, if I didn't have to pay for college!