Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Wednesday Morning Staff Meeting

On a typical staff-meeting-Wednesday, I have a hard time sitting in the chair for two hours and not thinking of other ways I should be spending my time; I bring a pad of paper and make to do lists...last time I brought my laptop and worked on slides and the bulletin the entire time.

Today was different. Our staff meeting, this morning, was about the history of Saddleback. Rick sat and walked us through the last 25+ years: struggles, lessons learned, values, etc.

I loved this staff meeting. I loved remembering many of the moments he shared about. I had tears in my eyes a few times through the meeting as he shared memories of walking from Trabuco Hills High School to our current property, singing "Time to Build" and "The Road to Recovery", the icy tent...

In the last few minutes of the meeting, Rick read "The Saddleback Vision" from 1980. It was amazing to see the way that this couple (Rick and Kay) had trusted God to work in BIG ways...and how God has been clearly present in every step of the journey.

I loved my job when I woke up this morning...if it's possible, I love it even more as I go to sleep tonight. I can't wait to see how much BIGGER God can be in the next 25+ years.


Julie Hibbard said...

Any YOU were there for every bit of it since November of 1986. Wow. Good for you Allison!
This is really inspirational to read. Can't wait to see you sing this weekend...

adam said...

who's that hot guy in the red shirt?