Monday, June 04, 2007


Shawn Mullins, 1998.

"Everything's gonna be alright, rock-a-bye..."

Ordinarily, I am strongly opposed to songs that consist of verses that are spoken instead of sung...

I remember having an argument with one of my parents, getting in my car and driving to be fitted for my Choralistics (I was in show choir in high school) dress. I cried all the way there. As I pulled up to the light at El Toro and Muirlands, this song came on. And, being that I was 17 and crying, I found comfort in Shawn's spoken song. Since then, I have a special place in my heart for this song (silly, I know)

Tonight as I drove home, i-Pod on shuffle, this song came on. This time I remembered a different line.

"All her friends tell her she's so pretty/
She'd be a whole-lot prettier if she smiled once in a while."

I really like this lyric. I always have. I think that happiness (really, joy) is attractive. I think people are drawn to smiles and laughter. Not to the point of being constantly fake...but genuine smiles are intriguing. I don't mean solely boyfriend/girlfriend attraction either. I mean friendships, familial relationships, business partnerships...people want to surround themselves with those who will build them up, not bring them down...

Wow, Mr. Mullins, I bet you never thought you would be teaching me lessons ten years later...


poncho said...

Alice, I know that you are super into the English language. And I am here to inform you that 2 weeks ago in my English class we learned that, "alright" is not a word, in fact "all right" would be the proper form. I would never had known that had I not been sitting in my English class that sunny day. =)

Leigh Sarti said...

no part of the song is as good as "it's just like Nashville, only with a tan."

Now that is inspirational. Thank you Mr Mullins.