Monday, June 04, 2007

I Am Special

This morning, Josh Treece's post about his childhood (with a terrible Michael Jackson song for a title) made me think...

Here are a few things that I'll bet you didn't know about me:

1) I know every song lyric in (almost) every major Disney animated movie pre-1997.
Once, in junior high, this theory was tested...and proven true. The only song I did not know enough words to was "In the Bank" from Mary Poppins (but, honestly, who knows that? They had to look it up online to even find a song to stump me!) Pre-1997 each movie had multiple musical numbers...I miss those days.

2) I can fit my entire fist in my mouth.
Seriously, I can. It's ridiculous, but true.

3) I remember the birthday and phone number of every friend I had in elementary school and junior high.
I have a difficult time remembering those of the friends I have made since then, but Rachel, Joey, Paul, Amy...check!

4) In each conversation in a day, I sing at least three songs in my head based on conversational topic and the words said.
I realize how annoying it would be if I sang every one aloud, so I choose to make only a few known...and if it isn't a song lyric, it's a line from a TV show or movie...I wonder if I would be a better person if three Bible verses popped in my head during each conversation?!

What makes you special?

**Oh, in case you are wondering, the title of this blog came from a kid's song "You are special, you're the only one--you're the only one of you, there isn't another in the whole wide world who can do the things you do! Oh you are special! Special! Everyone is special. Everyone in his or her own way!"**


heather.christianne said... have an amazing memory.

Gina said...

I can clean the entire house by picking up things off the floor with my toes. I can also write my name with a pen in my toes. I guess my feet make me special. That, and I'm totally pretty!

Julie Hibbard said...

I have the prettiest sister AND prettiest daughter in the world.
And, well, yeah...I'm kinda pretty too.