Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I am a Germaphobe*

So sue me.

I don't want to touch the dirty carts at Target.
I put napkins in the seat before I put my purse down in that cart.
I would never touch anything at our Wal-Mart.
I use paper towels to open doors.
I will not use silverware that touched the table.
The face-up side of the napkin (or the inside) is acceptable for use.
The thought of tables being cleaned by the same rag all day makes me gag.
Don't even get me started on sponges!
I can hardly use the towel to dry my hands in someone's bathroom.
I am considering stocking my home bathroom with paper towels...expensive, but cleanly.
I watched, in horror, as the Coldstone girl touched her hair (twice) and then sniffled and wiped her nose with the back of her hand and then made ice cream for the man in front of me--no hand wash! I thanked the Lord that I had only come in to buy gift cards and was helped by the other Coldstone girl (who appeared clean, but wore no make-up)

Spare me the lectures about how you need to have some germs to keep your antibodies strong...blah, blah, blah. I'm pretty dang well (I refuse to use the word healthy, because I would not consider myself a healthy young woman--I hate salads too, but that's a different blog).

What I don't need is someone's gross pee-hands touching a counter-top that I then place my hands on and touch my face or my eyes or food that goes in my mouth. Oh...yeeks. So sickening! Cart handles, escalator hand-rails, ATM pin-pad buttons, gas station pumps...a few of the many, many things that are not regularly cleaned.

*Mom, please read this title as "I am a Jitterbug"*


Julie Hibbard said...

I love the title! I bet you will have quite a few people looking at things differently after reading this blog! Hand sanitizer and disposable gloves were created for you!
I think towels in someone's bathroom is one of MY biggest gross outs. I wash the towels in my guest bathroom every time someone comes over. Every time. You never know how well they wash their hands. Gross. I wash the soap dispenser too. And, the toilet. GAG.
I am not sure where you got the phobia, but, perhaps it began with me. Good for you!

The Last Boyscout said...

You must of loved Pastor Doug's story about chasing the little boy in Mexico this last weekend. :) All I can tell you is you will find your kids will cure you.

Josh(ua) Treece said...

Our local Albertson's provides sani-wipes right beside where you pick up your cart so that you can wipe it down.

After seeing a John Stossel report on Dateline on the dirtiness of malls, I changed my germ fears. I haven't touched an escalater handrail in years. According to test, it's the dirtiest part of the mall. Even moreso than the toilet.

P.S. You're crazy.

Gina said...

The title of this blog should be, I AM A NUTJOB. Said the same as I am a Jitterbug.
Like the last boyscout said, the first time you have to catch your kids throw-up in your hands while driving, you will be cured.

Mike Lovato said...


- Nicole's got me using the baby wipe things on the grocery carts now.
- I can't say I've ever even thought about hand towels being gross in someone's bathroom. Thanks for that.

Puddles said...

just wear gloves wherever you go.
Problem solved.

David Hughes said...

today the food service ladies dropped olives on the ground and all the facilities guys scrambled to get them.

other than that...

you are indeed crazy...however...I hate salads too, so I still think you're pretty cool.

Kevin said...

Today I removed a hairball from my bathtub drain the size of a fat parakeet. When I set it down in the tub, a spider ran out of it. UGHH. SO gross!! At least the spider thanked me for releasing him. I laughed and just crushed him.

Matt Jensen said...

This guy had the same problem.

Brian Forsberg said...

That's why I carry a bottle of hand sanitizer in my pocket and keep an economy size container of Clorox wipes in my car a all times!

Brent said...

Again Treece is a brilliant man. You're crazy.

Carson Leith said...

there's this thing called the immune system.

it's very intelligent and helpful.

it keeps me safe...and you to!