Thursday, June 21, 2007

Harry and Sally

Can men and women be friends without one of them liking the other "like that"?

I think it is totally possible...I think that I have friendships that are proof...

It's a question that has been asked for years...I would love to hear what you think...


Heather McTaggart said...

Absolutely! Positively! FOR SURE!

Josh(ua) Treece said...

I think that at some point one will like the other. Then the issue is confronted. Then, they either move forward in the friendship or they don't. But it always happens. I think it's totally possible to remain friends after. I've got some that have worked out like that.

TS Harrison said...

The "friendship only" can't happen.
At some point something about the other...:
- "She smells good"
- "Losing that weight has done him well"
- "I love her smile"
- "He is very compassionate"
- "She has great ankles"
- etc
...will force the deeper relationship issue.
- "I would love to date that smell"
- "I want to marry a fit man, why not him"
- "Could I wake up to that smile for the rest of my life? Yes"
- "He cares for others, could he, would he care for me"
- "Of all the girls in my life without cankles, she's the one I enjoy the most."
- etc.

I don't want to speak for women, but as a man...happens everytime.

Sometimes it's just a thought. Sometimes it's a series of thoughts. But sometimes those thoughts linger until the attraction forces the friendship to deal with itself.

You can return to friendship mode, of course, but it depends on how much you obsess or linger on the relationship possibility. Or on how much you can avoid the insane psycho-"ness" that creeps up on people in relationships. Or on how much you appreciate the friendship over the attraction.

I guess I haven't thought about it too much. At least since I last saw the movie.

Kevin said...

I agree with Treece.

blythe said...

i don't think so. someone is always hoping for more in that friendship.
and your friendships with guys that supposedly prove your theory that it can happen...the only thing you can really be certain of is that you don't have feelings for them (or you think you don't, right now), but you never reeeally know what they are thinking/hoping might happen.
unless they're married, or dating one of your friends. and that's a different kind of friendship.

Matt Jensen said...

Heather McTaggart is married. She has no authority to comment on this subject.

Heather McTaggart said...

Oh yes I can! I have had SO many guy friends my entire life that have become lifetime friends of our family. My husband has become great friends with some of my closest friends from as far back as high school! I am grateful for the lifetime friends I have....and so is my husband because they are now his great friends. Look for a post soon about one of my closest long time's maturity and friendship NOT romance that keeps a friendship me!

mainerrr said...

i dont think my comments on this can be expresed to full extent in a blog comment
thus, i will tell you my opinion in person soon!

oh and i thought our office fun was prettyy dang entertaining and enjoyable

joshpease said...

the treece guy nailed it. it's all about the communication and sooner or later "the talk" has to happen. Post-"talk" is when the maturity factor that someone else mentioned becomes a necessity.

Brent said...

Treece is a brilliant man.

Brian Olsen said...

Great question. If you find an answer and write a book about it - you'll be a millionare. Unless of course I beat you to it.