Thursday, May 31, 2007

I owe you an apology,


I, in fact, have a deep love for Hillsong.

I know that I was insistent upon listening to anything other than Hillsong on the way home from Ensenada...and for that I am truly, truly sorry.

If I had a van full of students, as we did then, I would be more than happy to listen to the entire album.

With lyrics like:

"A thousand times I've failed,
still your mercy remains
Should I stumble again,
I'm caught in your grace"


"You stood before my failure,
carried the cross for my shame
my sin weighed upon your shoulders
my soul now to stand"


"Jesus I believe in you and I would go
to the ends of the earth, the ends of the earth
for you, alone are the son of God and all the world will see
that you are God, you are God"

really, how could I not love it?


Alanna Marie said...

and lyrics like, "I will read my Bible and pray. I will follow you all day."


David Hughes said...

alanna stole my comment. but here are some more great hillsong lyrics:

"I don't care what they say about me
It's alright, alright
I don't care they think about me
It's alright, they'll get it one day"

nothing says Christianity like insecurity.