Tuesday, July 18, 2006

is it too much to ask?

I am growing increasingly more frustrated with the lack of GOOD customer service.
In the past few days I have been so bummed by employees that I have almost walked out of the store(s)--3 to be exact.
AND I have almost said something to all the dummies involved (but chose to say it to you instead).

I'm sure it's because I'm slightly anal...and I'm also sure that it wouldn't bother very many others.
But why? Why must you have a conversation with your co-worker whilst you are helping me?

I'm ordering a bagel. I'm the only one in the store. Finish helping me and then go back to your conversation.

I'm ordering my Starbucks. Your friend can finish ordering his lunch from you in 2 seconds.

I'm buying a gift card from you. Talk about his girlfriend in 1 minute.

If I were the manager watching this happen, I would kick some tail.

While we're at it, I saw a sign posted at Starbucks on an employee board. Mind you the board is posted in PLAIN SIGHT to all customers standing at the bar to receive their drinks. The sign says, "BE SURE TO PUSH THOSE BANANA FRAPPUCCINOS. WE NEED TO SELL 80 TODAY! OUTSELL THE OTHER STORES!"

Excuse me. I can read. And I don't want a banana mocha frappuccino. All I want is the time I am paying for: 90 seconds? 1 minute? I really don't think I'm asking too much.


Matt Jensen said...

You are the customer that all high school/college aged kids hate.

Joshua Griffin said...

... and for the record, the banana frappachinos suck. JG

Rhonda said...

Tell them about it:

No, really.

:-) Rhonda
The very anal sister of Rachel J.