Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Dudes. I'm famous.

Tonight I was having dinner at Chipotle with my mom and grandparents.
A man came in and was smiling at me (it was actually kinda creepy)...

After he waited in line and got his food, he came back by our table and smiled again. And waved.
I smiled, politely, and continued my conversation.

He bent in to the table and said, "I just want you to know, you are my favorite singer at Saddleback. I think you should be on the program, American Idol."

That's right, I was recognized tonight. I'm famous.


offroadcamry said...

For the record: I too think that you should be on amERICan Idol. If for no other reason than you could have more stories of waiting in line and KE peeing her pants.

Courtney said...

Ohh heck that is awesome. I love creepy men smiles, they always brighten my day too!

Jason Pogue said...

Hey Alice - it doesn't count when Matt Jensen is the guy who smiles and waves and says those nice things!

Joshua Griffin said...