Tuesday, January 02, 2018

2017 in Photos

/// JANUARY ///
A weekend at The Great Wolf lodge

Itzhak Perlman at the Disney Concert Hall

/// FEBRUARY ///

A weekend in Portland with my dear friend Cathi

/// MARCH ///

Celebrating Sebby and soon-to-be-born Zion

A quick coffee break during our first DYM Editors Summit

Driving around with a disco ball in the back seat after moving week

Special Persons Day at Deacon's school

/// APRIL ///

Three weeks in Kenya with Sunny!

/// MAY ///

Meeting the newest Precious Kids Center  family member

Spent a week with three of my favorites

Welcomed Ashley to the DYM Team!

Faked a podcast with Katie...but, let me tell you, it was interesting!

Took a quick trip to New York with my mom...

/// JUNE ///

Crossed an item off my 35 by 35 at a balloon festival

Snuggled Cohen while unpacking the kitchen at their new house

Sat between two of the bests at a Wildside/JHM Reunion dinner

Tried my hardest to make sure Zion remembers me from across the world

Was prayed over by two lovely women at our Student Leadership Conference in Azusa, CA

/// JULY ///

4th of July: snacks by the pool with Ashley

and fireworks with the Maguires and Bachmans

Two more SLCs: Indiana and Georgia

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban at the Hollywood Bowl

VBS with The Weighted Keys

An over-night DYM Shoot at our local Del Taco

/// AUGUST /// 

Housesitting = The Great British Baking Show, Game of Thrones, and lounging by the pool

Took the kids to Broccoli Town (at least that's where I said we were going)

Flew to San Francisco to see a live taping of The West Wing Weekly

With Aaron Sorkin and surprise guest: Allison Janney!


A Midwest road trip with Sara
{she's an incredible photographer!}



Kansas City

Working hard with the DYM ladies


Celebrating Katie's birthday

Two weeks of DYM100
{starring the Chip Cam!}

/// OCTOBER /// 

CCDA in Detroit

A trip to the DYM Kentucky Offices

AND a weekend in China for my 35th Birthday!
{Shara's surprise arrival gifts!}

An amazing birthday dinner with so many of my favorites

Halloween night with two ninjagos and the Phantom of the Opera

/// NOVEMBER ///

A morning at the National Civil Rights Museum

Thanksgiving brunch

My massive Christmas tree 
{taking advantage of the high ceilings in my dad's living room}

/// DECEMBER ///

The Mariners MV Tree Lighting

Leslie Odom, Jr with Katie at the Disney Concert Hall

A ton of laughs at our staff Christmas party

Exchanging gifts with the Hays

My gifts to the family this Christmas

Teaching Pickles and his brothers the joys of Phinneas and Ferb

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