Wednesday, December 28, 2016

2016 In Photos

I started on the team at first staff meeting was, of course, at Del Taco

Madison, Jazmine and I took a road trip to San Francisco

// MARCH //
I dyed my hair blue and we went to Winter Camp

// APRIL //
I met Melissa Joan Hart

And our team spent the week together in Atlanta.

// MAY //
We threw a baby shower for Emily and Baby #3

And Caroline and I took an impromptu trip to Tokyo

// JUNE //
My lovely small group girls graduated from Woodbridge

I got to spend a week snuggling Suzie in Kitale

// JULY //
SLC 2016 in Georgia and California

And VBS at Mariners MV

// AUGUST //
Adele. Holy moly.

And another San Francisco road trip with my grandpa and cousins

The event we'd spent months planning and executing: DYM100

A weekend with friends in Nashville

And a weekend with some of my favorite kids right at home

A mother/daughter trip to South Carolina

And another roommate trip around the world...this time, Australia!
Snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef

And champagne and Othello at the Sydney Opera House

We over-estimated the height of our ceilings, but filled our house with Christmas cheer.

I was given two tickets to a private Stevie Wonder concert!

We read a new book together each week 
(we did this all year, but this was my favorite photo of the routine)

Finished up with two Christmas celebrations 

2016 was a pretty great year.
Can't wait to see all that 2017 will hold!