Friday, August 01, 2014

Here's To Happiness {part five}

ten things that make me remarkably happy:

1. seeing my grandparents {and aunt} in the second row at church each sunday
2. taking a trip...near or far...with or without a destination
3. completing an outfit with the right shade of lipstick
4. cheeseburgers. yeeeaaaah
5. jinx texts
6. dance parties: all the time and e v e r y where
7. successfully stepping outside of my comfort zone
8. finding a new "just-one-more-episode-before-bed" show
9. picking the extra polish off the sides of my fingers after painting my nails
10. when my friend's kids are as excited to see me as i am to see them

This was a fun list to make tonight. I was struggling to come up with ten and then suddenly had to narrow them down!

I'd love to see what you'd put on a list like them below or email me! allihibb{at}

{also. parts one, twothree, and four}

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