Monday, July 07, 2014

Oh June, I Loved You So

June was such a fun-filled month that I recently started a new project called Operation Make July As Great As June {which I will post about this week...}

Thought I'd use this little space to record some of the greatness for posterity. 
//see also: the road trip and upcoming posts on a trip to Texas and a day at the laundromat//


One afternoon, I stopped by to see my friend Emily and her two boys. When I got there, they were sitting in the backyard, the boys climbing in and out of the kiddie pool. 

When it was time to get out, I asked Deacon {who had been a little sick that week} if he wanted to go to the park, he said no. I asked if he wanted to go on a walk, he said no. I asked if he wanted to go snuggle on the couch--expecting a third no--and he said yes. So we wrapped him in little frog blanket and sat down on the couch, where he fell asleep for over an hour while Emily and I caught up. Such a sweet little sick kid.

When I left Emily's that evening, I headed over to Taffy and Sue's to have dinner and see our friend Josh who was in town from South Carolina.

My roommate and I have agreed to constantly have fresh flowers in our home for one year. So far, we've been successful and the arrangements have added so much to the kitchen, especially for such inexpensive bouquets!

There was one Sunday in June that was jam-packed with celebrations: 
A baby shower for Candice and Sweet Baby Girl B

A graduation party for Valentina

And a joint birthday party for my 74-year-old Grandma...

and 25-year-old cousin Logan

My mom was there too {surprise eyes and all!}

Our Mariners Worship Leaders hosted a dinner for all of the worship leaders across all Mariners campuses and ministries. It was such a great night to be together and eat really delicious, handcrafted burgers.

And a fun night to make Trev feel a little awkward

Deacon's brother, Theo, has taken to smiling and saying "Cheese!" every time a phone is anywhere near him...

I ran in to my friend Ally and her sweet little girl at a friend's art show. I was so happy to finally meet Luna--and teach her some sweet dance moves.

Mid-June, our friend Jason moved to New York. {Obviously I am super jealous that he'll be living my dream.} We said goodbye in true Costa Mesa fashion: with a few hours of dancing at Pierce Street Annex.

Seriously, June. You were the best month yet. If the summer gets worse from here, I'll understand...if it's any better, my heart might explode from all the joy.

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