Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Rose Bowl Flea Market and a 35 by 35

In the interest of adventure, not to mention crossing items off of both my 35 by 35 and my Mighty List, we {Sara, Stephanie and I} visited the Rose Bowl Flea Market {in November}!

We tried to choose a time when it would be a little cooler...but joke's on us, it was blazing hot.

The last time I was at the Rose Bowl was when I auditioned for American Idol {just after Kelly Clarkson had won} and we slept on the ground all night. Another story for another day.

We woke up early and {after coffee, of course} headed up to Pasadena. I was certain I would come home with several very kitschy and one-of-a-kind items about which I would forever say, "Oh, I bought that at a Flea Market yeeeeeaaars ago!"Or, at the very least, a C-list celebrity sighting.

I think Sara is the one who really scored. Though she did not buy this incredible coat, she did buy a beaded dress...and we almost convinced her to buy a sequined skirt, but then she reminded us that "one girl does not need to own two sequined skirts."

So many classy displays

Speaking of class:

We walked the booths for a few hours--until we could no longer stand the heat--spending most of our money on ice water and lemonades.

Stephanie knows her way around Pasadena, so she took us to a great little French bakery for lunch. Iced coffee and a few sandwiches later, we decided that it was early enough to make one more stop before heading home.

That's right! The Father of the Bride house!

I wanted to head in to the backyard to play a quick game of one-on-one {and cry my eyes out, I'm sure} but out of respect for the homeowners, we just took a few dozen photos from the curb.

And now--the one purchase I made at the Flea Market!

Yes, this is my second globe and no, I did not "get it for a steal."
I'm the worst at bartering. The absolute worst.

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