Thursday, November 07, 2013

Road Trip Day 4: Lincoln Bench to Liberty Bell

Our New York morning began a little later than the previous days. And, of course, with a Starbucks. Walking in Manhattan is one of my all-time favorite things to do--and to do so with a coffee in-hand?! Come on!

Also, we were headed toward my very favorite President...
So, this was the very best Sunday of the trip.

Last year, when we went to Mount Rushmore, we learned that the same designer (Gutzon Borglum) built a Lincoln bench that sits in front of an old courthouse in New Jersey. Coincidentally, we had to drive through New Jersey to get to Pennsylvania, and so...destiny.

Being that it is an old courthouse, it was difficult to find it on Maps. A few wrong turns and a Google search later, we could see it--about three blocks away. But there was a crazy traffic jam! We inched closer and closer to Mr Lincoln until we found the reason for the madness: a breast cancer awareness parade. A PARADE! So, we made the most of it: we rolled down the windows and enjoyed the marching band--yep! A full-fledged marching band!

And then...
We made it.

Hello, old friend!

We took a few {dozen} photos--here are just a couple.

This girl walked up and wanted to take a picture with me. Obviously, I said yes!

We hopped back in the car--found a bathroom, of course {highways, wrong turns, and a parade sure can take a while!} and were on our way to Philadelphia!

Our great friend, Cheryl, grew up in the Northeast and sent us a very, very long list of recommended restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and stores, sorted by city--and man, does that girl know good food!

First stop in Philadelphia--appropriately enough--Philly Cheesesteaks!

And then, of course, Independence Hall: where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were signed. Across the lawn--the Liberty Bell! Cathi kept saying, "You guys! Nicholas Cage totally stood right here in National Treasure!"

We did see a full street blocked off for a police motorcycle drill team show {sure! why not?} but we didn't stick around since we still had sights to see before dark!

In the middle of the city, there's a full corner dedicated to old board games: Chess, Sorry, Monopoly!

When people heard we were visiting Philadelphia, the majority had no idea what there was to see. Those who knew a bit about history, asked about the Liberty Bell, and those who lean more pop culture, asked, "You're going to see the Rocky steps, right?!"

So, here they are. Clearly I'm not so in to running--though, I did enjoy sitting there while watching several other groups race one another up the steps.

We checked in to our hotel and the bellman recommended the Japanese restaurant next door: Pod {they have fluffernutter egg rolls {peanut butter, marshmallow, chocolate in an egg roll! Get at me.}

After dinner, we walked to CVS for nail polish and candy bars. Classic girls. 

We stayed up too late, but slept wonderfully in big fluffy beds...all in preparation for our final stop: Washington, DC!

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