Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Straight Up Chilling

Yesterday was one of the best days off I've had in a long time.

You know how I measure it?

I had two cups of iced coffee, watched a LOT of TV (FRIENDS, The OC and Veronica Mars--the best trifecta of television, in my opinion), read a good portion of my book, began my list of 35 Things to Do Before I Turn 35 (I'm sure you saw this coming...it's about time, really. I'll share the list when it's complete), spent a few hours (during television shows) researching for our East Coast Road Trip, and was in bed at 9:15. (I also did laundry and washed dishes, but who cares about that?!)

But, you want to know the true marker of a great day off?

I didn't shower, wash my face, change my clothes or brush my teeth (until just before bed).

Call me disgusting (you'd be justified in doing so), but there's something so refreshing about knowing that I did so little yesterday that hygiene was not an issue.

My old roommate used to call this SUCing all day. (pronounced sucking)
Straight Up Chillin.
And I love it.


Chalkgirl said...

I agree with you entirely - a good day off dictates that no shower, make up or any other frippery take place! I'm with you girl!! And I completely agree with 2 of your choice of shows (1 of them I don't know, but that could be because we don't get it in Scotland!!) You are a girl after my own heart! So pleased I stumbled upon your blog!

Julie Hibbard said...

Stoked that you are writing again. And--though they are few and far between--I love a day off like that too. Watching a full season of a show on DVD is highly productive in my world.