Thursday, January 31, 2013

Here's To Happiness {by Katie}

My great friend, Katie, just recently moved away.
And, while I miss her {and her super cute little boy} like mad, 
technology has done a pretty good job of keeping us connected.
So, thank you, technology...and, of course Steve Jobs. {Oh, and also R.I.P.}

Here is Katie's list of
10 Things that make her terribly happy.

         1. An unexpected " I remembered you said you liked this!" gift.
         2. Hugs from my boy, unprompted. 
         3. Snail Mail. 
         4. When my hair curls perfectly. 
         5. A great deal on something I've had my eye on.
         6. When my husband grabs my hand and gives it a sweet kiss. 
         7. A huge iced coffee, done right. 
         8. A conversation with a friend that is 90% laughter & 10% chit chat. 
         9. HGTV 
         10. Spending anytime with my sweet sister & soul mate.

If you would like to make your list,
I'd love to post it here.
send it to:

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