Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fun, Fun, Think About Fun*

Last week was full of adventure {I might be using that term a little loosely}.

This afternoon, as I considered what I might blog about, I thought back on my week and thought, "That's it! I need to blog about last week." 

A simple act to help me remember that I have a life full of people I love who love to do fun things.

So, here we go...a week in review.

LOTS of laying around in my super comfy Christmas gift
before dinner with Katie and Ethan

ABS in matching yellows
{one of us is not stoked on this}

Watching Luke Peach and Tricia
at the Constellation Room

Volunteer Appreciation
Dinner and Bingo {with Cathi}

Photo booth madness with our Sunday Night volunteers
 followed by two rounds of bowling--
in which I did not have the lowest score!

Dinner with Erin and Kristen
Lowly Spects show at Molly Malone's

Dinner and dancing for Tricia's birthday

Batting cages with Sara and Daniel

Church service
Tasty lunch at Stacked
A flat tire {which Tyler tried to fix}

Almost two hours later, AAA actually fixed it

 Sunday Night a whole lot of black and denim

and then a late night dinner with a lot of friends

Spending a few minutes to write this post made me really excited for this week and all of the adventures to be had this year! {For instance: we just bought tickets to see Romeo and Juliet at the Los Angeles Theatre!} Any fun places {or restaurants} you'd recommend?

*Also, can you name the song that this title comes from?

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Ryanne said...

What an eventful week you had. Love that.