Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 In Photos

 Date day with my Grandpa {Jan}

  Setting up my new home

Finally closing my storage unit!

Promoted and hosted a Naked Truth series at Mariners {Feb}

at which we served a lot of nachos

Took a trip to the LACMA and saw Metropolis {March}

Started a new job (!!!) and got a new office {April}

Tested some red lipstick 

Celebrated my Grandpa's 70th birthday

 My new office was decorated slowly but surely {May}

 Baby July came to visit

 Walked to the McGills many, many times since we live so close

 Took a team road trip {June}
Anderson's Split Pea

 San Francisco

Bethel Church 

Dinner with Brian and Jenn Johnson (and Skosh)

I made a lot of things this are a few
Whale stamp 


 Pesto and Apple Grilled Cheese, Blackberry Mojitos, and Blueberry Crumble

 Abe Lincoln Doll

Felt Campfire

I dressed like Jabba the Hutt for Ron's 40th {July}

4th of July done right

 Crystal Lewis came to Mariners

 Bre got married {August}

 Took a trip to LA Natural History Museum

Ran a 5K {Sept}

Hosted a League of Extraordinary Women dinner {Oct} 

Went indoor skydiving

Took a 30th Birthday Road Trip with Sara and Cathi

Documenting my ticket for driving 101 in Population10, Wyoming

Threw an October 24th themed birthday party

Fancy Family Dinner Birthday Party

First Felt Needs Craft Fair {Nov}

 Thanksgiving As It Should Be 

 Ryanne's Going-away

Tidings of Comfort and Joy {still November!}

Sent this photo to Chris asking him to recreate it.

Received this photo the next day. {Dec}

First trip to Roger's Gardens

Christmas Dinner in San Francisco
with Cathi, my Dad and Brother

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